Welcome to the Life Balance Academy

The Life Balance Academy offers courses ( more to come in the near future) that  foster personal and community health and well being, the overall betterment of humanity and a deepening of humanity’s sacred connection to the planet and to all of life.

It is important to recognize that the word Academy comes from the name of the garden where Plato taught his students. It is an ancient sacred site for initiation that has been used for millennia.

The Life Balance Academy, like Plato’s garden, provides a venue for a one-to-one dialogue between yourself and the teacher (Certified Life Skills Coach Trainer). This dialogue combines the ancient wisdom of the ages with the global outreach of the World Wide Web to create a virtual Plato’s garden.

We at the Life Balance Academy believe education is the key to human betterment and that this occurs through mentoring, modeling and training both one on one  and in group settings.  It is important that education is fostered in a learning environment of like-minded individuals that support one another in a community atmosphere.

The Life Balance Academy provides Life Skills Coach Training for Professionals.  This program is for those who wish to learn or improve in the art of presentation/facilitation (sharing and teaching) and will assist you to pass forward an  exceptional quality course to  students and clients.  As a Life Skills Coach in training you will  learn skills to share that  improve  and provide balance in all areas of your life and your students/clients lives.  These area’s are:


  • Self
  • Family
  • Job and Education
  • Community
  • Leisure




The course is presented to provide base skills that will assist you to become more consciously aware of all area’s of  self which in turn you will be share with your students/clients and  people who enter  into your life.hopimedicinewheel



  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Emotionally and
  • Spiritually



For details please visit the “Courses page” or click on the “Course Link” below


image_1aExtraordinary Online Courses

The Academy strives to bring you the best online courses available to assist yourself, others, your community and the planet to be all that we are.  We are all one!  

image_2aLearn from the Masters

Our instructors are considered by their peers as Masters in their chosen fields of endeavor.

image_3aDialogue with Academy Members

One-to-one dialogue between teacher and.student enrolled in this course occurs by social media, teleconferences or webinars.


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