Are you a Social Worker, Nurse, Health Care Professional wanting to upgrade your skills?

Life Balance Academy  If you are the: The Life Balance Academy provides Life Skills Coach Training for Professionals. Online… Life Balance Academy Education Life Skills Coach Training is a meaningful career, helping others help themselves in all area’s of their lives.  “Self, Family, Job, Education, Community and Leisure”. Upon successful completion of this program you will be […]

How does change affect you and those around you?

Shared by “Michael” To find out more about change, what it is, how to cope with it, problems solving around change, and how to train others to understand change! Register in the Life Skills Coach Training Program on line right here, now! Lois Pinsent Certified Trainer of Life  Skills Coaches

How assertive are you?

Lynda Field Life Coach photo Learn these skills to facilitate others, in becoming more assertive….. Register in our Life Skills Coach Training Certificate program now!  

How do life skills apply to you?

Are Life Skills and Life Aptitudes the same thing? Can these Skills be learned in a classroom? Who needs life skills to succeed in life? TO LEARN MORE, CHECK OUT LIFE SKILLS COACHING AS A CAREER.   HELPING OTHERS TO HELP THEMSELVES!

Diane Yeo

I recently took the life skills coaching course with Lois on line. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about making a change in their life. If you are ready willing and committed to looking at life in a different way this is one of the best ways to start. You will learn […]