George’s testimonial

Having been a kid who grew up in a totally dysfunctional atmosphere, I found that as an adult I became an angry young man, dysfunctional myself. A place where I did not want to be, but did not know how to get out of.

I met Lois one day over coffee. We talked and because of what I had heard of her, I sort of feared her because I knew she would be able to see through me, but I also recognized she had something I needed to get where I wanted to be.

She accepted me into Life Skills Coach training early in 1993. I did not know what to expect and I got what I didn’t expect. For me, I struggled, I had to confront stuff that was very emotionally difficult and challenging. But I was never let down, I was not left out in the cold. Lois provided me with tools to find my answers. She helped and gave me a box of tools I could use to help me continue on in my journey. After finishing her life skills program, thinking I was ‘fixed’ I went out into the world. Still trying to be something I wasn’t….but the dragon was awakening and I had my box of life skills tools.

Over the years, from my life skills coach training, I have been able to ineract with the world around me and the people in my life in a more positive way. I am not being something or somebody I am not anymore. I have more control over my events and my life. I kicked those things in life that were steering my ship and controlling me off of my ship and I took over the wheel. Now I sail where I want to go and on that journey, I pass along what I can.

I can count on Lois no matter what. She is non-judgemental, accepting of who and where you are. And she has a wonderful box of tools. She is like a gardner, planting seeds and letting those seeds take hold. And they bloom, sometimes not for many years later, but they bloom. But most importantly, she is my friend who I owe a great deal too.

George E.