Sam Moody

June 15, 2014   To Whom It May Concern,  

RE: Letter of Affirmation Life Skills Coach Training Program

“I submit this letter of support for Lois Pinsent who was one of the principle facilitators for a life skills coach training program that focused on an understanding of feelings and emotions.  This training program inspired me to set the foundational stage for my spiritual journey. I truly believe that this program opened the door to discovering the root source of my inner pain and hurt.

This life skills training was instrumental in assisting me to learn about and understand the Legacy of our Residential School experience (RSE). Early childhood trauma in many survivors of the RSE affects us all during our life time, many are challenged with a syndrome of under lying issues. (Bopp & Bopp 1994-95 – Nuxalk 10 year Wellness plan) A husband & wife psychologist team employed by the FOUR WORLD’S International Institute for Human and community development came to Bella Coola to work with 280 Nuxalkmc to assist in resolving community violence and conflict.

After working with approximately 180 community members over a 3 -4 month period, they determined that our colonial and residential school experience was identified as the source of our community issues of violence.   During group work, that requires “speaking from our heart”, I experience an emotional release that came from deep within – the emotional release was physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. My experience was a pre-nominal uplifting experience that helped me to understand that my healing was first and foremost my responsibility. I opened the door to my own healing, I no longer was the victim of circumstances, I am now in control of my healing process.   My deep inner gratitude is directed to the Life Skills Training that Lois Pinsent impressed on each participant, allowing us to become more emotionally intelligent. I now utilize personal responsibility to be the foundation of my internal medicine wheel to resolving the underlying connected issues that sometimes create havoc in our lives.”

All My Relations,  sam moody

Sam A. Moody,
First Nations Community Facilitator
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