Taking Life Skills was the best thing I did to help me with the career I choose and am currently doing!
Originally my training was a youth addiction worker and was the offered to go up north as a addiction worker and part of the deal was to learn on how to become a Lifeskills coach and currently I am a homeless outreach worker . The training I took helped me learn to have patience, treat clients with respect, and give them back self- esteem that they lost.  Addiction work is basically a heavy duty Lifeskills course. Lois you can edit this any way you need. thanks to you I do what I do because of your training."
RE: Letter of Affirmation Life Skills Coach Training Program
"I submit this letter of support for Lois Pinsent who was one of the principle facilitators for a life skills coach training program that focused on an understanding of feelings and emotions.   This training program inspired me to set the foundational stage for my spiritual journey. I truly believe that this program opened the door to discovering the root source of my inner pain and hurt.

This life skills training was instrumental in assisting me to learn about and understand the Legacy of our Residential School experience (RSE). Early childhood trauma in many survivors of the RSE affects us all during our life time, many are challenged with a syndrome of under lying issues. (Bopp & Bopp 1994-95 – Nuxalk 10 year Wellness plan) A husband & wife psychologist team employed by the FOUR WORLD’S International Institute for Human and community development came to Bella Coola to work with 280 Nuxalkmc to assist in resolving community violence and conflict. continued
I met Lois one day over coffee. We talked and because of what I had heard of her, I sort of feared her because I knew she would be able to see through me, but I also recognized she had something I needed to get where I wanted to be.  continued
I completed the whole course on Skype!
"I found both the course and trainer flexible and professional.
This  program provided me with important learning both as a student and a coach.
Not having to leave home to take this training was a great asset for myself."